My Final Homecoming Event

This year will be my final Homecoming event.
(link is below)

I am extremely grateful to all my

fellow Jaguars, and the city of Baton Rouge, for every opportunity I’ve had to bring you something unique for over two decades. From my start at Club Legends, to an historic hip hop night at Club Dreams, the “Sunday Headbob” on Max 94.1, opening major shows with The Ill Relatives, and coming back from Los Angeles and Chicago each year to host Alumni events… I have truly lived the dream. And while this is certainly not “the end”, I am excited to close this chapter in order for us to open the next one. Hopefully, you’ll continue to join me on this journey whether I bring this experience to your city or for one of several destination events planned for the future. The only thing left for me to do is pass the baton, which is why this final event is called…

Tickets are available HERE.


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